Check out the viewpoint of Puebla from which you can see the sea of ​​Veracruz


The so-called Balcón de la Sierra is located in the municipality of Jonotla, in the state of Puebla.

Jonotla is a municipality with natural attractions, ideal for practicing ecotourism. 

It is three and a half hours from the city of Puebla, bordering the municipalities of Cuetzalan, Tuzamapan de Galeana, Zoquiapan, Huehuetla, Tenampulco, and Ayotoxco de Guerrero. 

Its name is made up of the Nahuatl Xonotl, Jonote which means leathery bark, and Tla which means abundant, that is to say “where the Jonote abounds”. 

It is located in the eastern Sierra Madre, so it is surrounded by mountains, with a humid tropical climate. 

Hiking lovers can enjoy routes with orchids, gannets, azaleas, hydrangeas, and Gachupinas. 

Among its attractions is the Sanctuary of the Rock, where it is possible to admire an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe engraved on a rock.  

On October 22, the festival is celebrated on the occasion of the apparition of the Virgen del Peñón. 

Pilgrims from nearby towns come to that place and travel to venerate the virgin. 

In 1922, the Rock was baptized as the “Balcón de la Sierra” for its impressive 360-degree viewpoint. 

From the viewpoint, according to the references of those who have visited it, on clear days, it is possible to admire the sea of ​​Veracruz. 

Source: El Universal

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