Puebla Fair: Public transportation routes that take you there


In the coming weeks, the Puebla 2023 Fair will take place, an event in which various artists, both national and international, will perform, there will also be different attractions such as mechanical games, food sales, live shows, and other activities to do with your family or friends.

It was indicated that this year’s edition will be held from Friday, April 28 to Sunday, May 14. Now, only the names of the singers who will perform at the Palenque have been announced; The cost of the tickets will change depending on the star that is on stage, since the prices will range from 500 to 3,800 pesos.

Ticket sales are already open, so those interested can now go to the official points of sale to get their place. While the People’s Theater, the celebrities will be announced later. If you intend to attend this cultural event, we will give you some public transport options:

How to get to Palenque de Puebla?

The Palenque is in the Exhibitor Center, the address is Zona de los Fuertes, Cívica 5 de Mayo, 72260. It is located about 13 to 15 minutes from the Historic Center on a private vehicle. These are some alternative routes that you can take from different points of the capital and surrounding areas:


Inside the terminal you can take line 3 of the ROUTE in the direction of Ciudad Universitaria (CU) of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP).

Afterwards, you will have to get off at the China Poblana station to transfer to RUTA line 1 that is opposite, on 5 de Mayo boulevard and Diagonal Defensores de la República.

On this route you will have to get off at the terminal Ignacio Zaragoza in the Plaza Loreto area. Finally, you can walk towards the area of Los Fuertes on Calzada Zaragoza.

South of Puebla

From this part of the city you have to advance to Adolfo López Mateos-Zacapoaxtla, here you will wait for Route 58 that will take you to Carril De La Rosa 4801, then you will have to walk to Carril De La Rosa 4405.

Finally, you will take Route 70 to get off at Calle Eucalipto, 5, and you will walk on Avenida Ejércitos de Oriente towards the area of Los Fuertes.

Another option is the same from Adolfo López Mateos-Zacapoaxtla, here you will take Route 17 and go down to Avenida 20 Oriente, 4012, and then walk to Avenida 20 Oriente, 4006. In this case, you will also take Route 70 and repeat the route from the previous one.

North of Puebla

This time you will start from Avenida Defensores de la República, on Avenida Puebla Norte. Here you will take the Flecha Verde Route to get off at 7 Norte-50 Poniente, you will move to Avenida 50 Poniente – Blvrd Nte. To get on the San Miguel Canoa “Verdes” Route and get off to 18 Oriente-Héroes 5 De Mayo.

To finish, wait for Route 35 to get off at General Joaquín Colombres, 3022 and walk one street to Palenque.

Historical Center

If you are in the Center you will have to move to Avenida 10 Poniente 102 to take Route 35 until you get off at General Joaquín Colombres, 3022. From here you will have to walk one street to get there.

Angelopolis and Cholula

If you come from the Angelópolis area, go to Vía Atlixcayotl to take Ruta Azteca, then get off at 18 Oriente-Héroes 5 De Mayo. Wait for Route 35 until you reach General Joaquín Colombres, 3022, and finally walk to the Palenque.

To come from Cholula, first go to Blvrd. Forjadores De Puebla-Calzada Zavaleta to get on Route 1, once you get to Calle 13 Norte, 1113 you will take Route 2A and go down to Avenida 20 Oriente, 1612.

Source: El Sol de Puebla