Now Sheinbaum criminalizes students murdered in Celaya


Guanajuato is the entity with the highest drug consumption in the country, mainly among young people, stated the Morenista

Puebla, Mexico.- Like President López Obrador, Morena’s presidential candidate, Claudia Sheimbaum, related the crime against six medical students in Celaya, Guanajuato, to drug use.

“First, it is a tragedy that young people are murdered, I believe that we all agree that this should not continue to happen, that homicides have decreased in Mexico, but we have to continue working so that they do not happen, and even less because of a matter of acquisition of narcotics, drugs,” said the former head of Government.

The Morenista stated that Guanajuato is the entity with the highest drug consumption in the country, mainly among young people.

“Crystal is one of the drugs most consumed in Guanajuato by young people, Guanajuato is the state with the most consumption and it is around 8.5 percent according to INEGI statistics,” she said.

“What has to be there? Not only the National Guard part in the matter of security but also the alternatives for young people. Guanajuato grew with a development model supported by the very low salary, it is less than the minimum wage. So that leads to the abandonment of young people, to drug consumption and at the same time brings problems of insecurity,” she considered.

Last Wednesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that the murder of the six students at the Universidad Latina de México (ULM) is related to drug consumption and reiterated that in this entity consumption has increased among that sector of the population.

“These boys who were murdered in Guanajuato were due to consumption, because they went to buy someone who was selling drugs in a territory that belonged to another gang, so to avoid that, only with love, with attention to young people, with pampering”.

The young people were murdered last weekend in Celaya, after returning from a party they attended in Querétaro.

Three of the students were found dead on Sunday inside an abandoned vehicle on a dirt road in the Colonia Primera Fracción de Crespo, behind the University of Guanajuato, Celaya-Salvatierra campus.

Two others were lying; They all had gunshot wounds. A day later the body of another student was located.

Yesterday it emerged that the sixth victim is Giovanni Juárez Figueroa, a minor and also a student, but from the Vicente Guerrero Institute.

 Source: El Diario