Puebla will supply auto parts to Tesla’s plant in Nuevo León

Puebla, Mexico

The state government revealed that Puebla will supply auto parts to Tesla, an electric car manufacturer, which will set up a production plant in the state of Nuevo León after a negotiation between the company’s owner, Elon Musk, and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

After President López Obrador indicated that Nuevo León was the headquarters chosen by Tesla given its proximity to Texas, United States, where they already have a plant, the Puebla government announced that since April 2022 it signed a confidentiality agreement with the assembly company to try to attract said investment to the state.

During the negotiations, Tesla executives visited the Ciudad Modelo industrial complex and different municipalities of the entity, such as Huejotzingo, Amozoc, and Tepeaca, among others”.

Through a statement, the state government celebrated that Tesla is going to install a production plant in Mexico since there are already agreements for the auto parts cluster in Puebla to supply supplies in the future, added to the more than 312,000 students from Puebla. higher-level specialized in technological development.

“Puebla already provides supplies to Tesla and different world-class assembly companies, in addition, it has a series of locations for the development of suppliers, thanks to its infrastructure, connectivity, the existence of the Puebla Airport, coupled with the fact that more than half of The energies that are generated in the state are from clean sources”.
In this sense, the government of Puebla highlighted that the entity already has extensive experience in the automotive and auto parts industry, which translates into the installation of 276 companies in the industry that generate 58,500 jobs and a production value of 327,000. 861.4 million pesos per year, 42.2 percent of the total Gross Production.

Source: Milenio

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