CDMX-Mexico City offers a new passport to visit its museums among many other benefits


With the Passport 101 Museums 2022, you can receive special discounts and access to exclusive cultural events.

Acquire your Passport to reactivate visits to Mexican museums.

The process of this passport is not at all cumbersome, so have your bags ready with comfortable tennis shoes, a bottle of water and want to know the cultural venues of CDMX, because the trip to 2022 is very close.

101 Museums Mexico is an association that seeks to publicize the extensive museum heritage of Mexico, through a digital platform and a printed guide that aims to be the comprehensive guide to museums in Mexico to enjoy the cultural richness of the country.

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101 Museums Mexico is the first guide to the country’s museums. It was created for all audiences and is an excellent tool for any traveler who wants to get closer to one of the important Mexican museum collections. But this guide is not intended to be a ranking of museums but rather a useful tool that includes more than 700 museums.

The acquisition of the passport is necessary to reactivate the economy of the museums and nearby areas, in addition to helping to encourage the visit of locals, nationals, and foreigners to the venues.


How does the Museum passport 101 work?

The passport is a personalized document, similar to the passport that we use to leave the country, which offers its owners different discounts and promotions in some museums in Mexico City and in participating restaurants and stores.

The CDMX Museums Passport is valid for one year and is non-transferable.

How is the CDMX Museum Passport processed?

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To process it, you have to access a link where you will be asked for your name, CURP, birthday, email, and telephone number. If you live in the CDMX and the metropolitan area, the cost is 250 pesos and you can pick it up at the museum of your choice. If you live outside the city, at that price you must add 200 pesos per shipment.

Once you make the deposit you will have to attach the receipt in the same form where you shared your personal information. Finally, you will be able to collect the document after 15 business days at the venue you chose.

Once you have your passport, check the museums and companies that participate in the project, check the discounts they offer, and plan your visit. Promotions can be at the entrance, store, or cafeteria.


Museums participating in the Passport

In 2022, new museums and brands will be added to the project, both in CDMX and in other states of the country, but for the moment these are the places that participate.

Museo Interactivo de Economía. MIDE.

Museo Memoria y Tolerancia.

Museo del Estanquillo.

Museo Vizcaínas.

Museo Casa Rivas Mercado.

Museo Casa de la Bola.

Museo Casa del Poeta Ramón López Velarde.

Museo del Chocolate.

Museo del Objeto del Objeto. MODO.

Museo del Pulque y las Pulquerías. MUPYP.

Museo del Tequila y Mezcal. MUTEM.

Papalote Museo del Niño.

Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli.

Museo Franz Mayer.

Museo Interactivo de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.

Museo Kaluz.

Museo Mexicano del Diseño. MUMEDI.

Museo de la Caricatura.

Museo Nacional de la Acuarela.

Museo de lo increíble Ripley.

Museo de Cera de la Ciudad de México.

Sinagoga Histórica Justo Sierra.


Participating brands

Fontán Reforma.



Pirates Burgers.

Centro Asertum.

Esmalte Morillas.

Casa Capital.


Gonzo Hazy Ipa .

El salario del miedo.

The Passport 101 Museums 2022 also offers you discounts to rediscover the cultural offers that distinguish the capital, includes a guide to visit more than 30 museums, and have access to promotions, discounts, and exclusivity in museum initiatives throughout 2022.

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Passport 101 Museums

Where: enter here

When: you can pick it up 15 days after placing the order.

How Much: $ 250

EXTRA COST of sending the passport if you live outside of CDMX: 

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