Father guns down kidnappers and rescues his 4-year-old daughter


A father kills a couple of kidnappers who had taken their four-year-old daughter and managed to rescue her.

The events were recorded on Alta Tensión avenue in the Cantarranas neighborhood, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, when a couple had stolen a little girl of just 4 years of age.

The father, noticing the kidnapping of his daughter, drove his Beatle-type car to catch up with them and shot them repeatedly.

According to Excelsior information, the white March car with logos of the company ‘Cafeino’, where the kidnappers were traveling, was stranded on the spot.

After a call to the 911 Emergency System, municipal police officers went to the scene, locating the lifeless body of one of the alleged kidnappers who was identified as Lauro Fernández.

Likewise, the woman was found, who was seriously wounded with a shot to the head and who, when treated by paramedics, located a white weapon hidden in her clothing.

Finally, it was reported that the father of the minor did not flee the place, but remained waiting for the authorities to arrive to carry out the corresponding investigation.

Source: zocalo.com.mx, am.com.mx

The Mazatlan Post