Puebla-Oaxaca highway will close on April 10


In addition, there will be a parallel blockade on the Puebla-Cuetzalan federal highway, near the entrance of the Sierra Norte de Puebla, acting as a solidarity march with the Tehuacán blockade.

These are the reasons why there will be a blockade on the Oaxaca-Puebla highway.

The Puebla-Oaxaca federal highway will remain closed next Monday, April 10, as residents threaten to take over the San Lorenzo Teotipilco toll booth, near the municipality of Tehuacán due to the lack of state support in various sectors.

According to national media, it is estimated that there will be a mobilization of at least 500 inhabitants, since members of the Movimiento de Autogestión Social Campesino Indígena Popular (MASCIP) allege that there are lags in the application of social programs, while authorities allegedly spray the clouds with silver iodide to prevent rain.

Likewise, members of the organization demand dialogue tables with authorities from different government departments of Puebla, highlighting that there has been a shortage of medicines and strictness in photo fines and the re-emplacamiento.

Said mobilization will begin on Monday, April 10 from 11:00 a.m. and will last indefinitely, while the residents will be supported by the Plan de Ayala-National Movement Coordinator (Cnpa-MN) on the Puebla-Tehuacán federal highway at the height of the C5.

Similarly, there will be a parallel blockade on the Puebla-Cuetzalan federal highway, near the entrance of the Sierra Norte de Puebla, serving as a solidarity march with the Tehuacán blockade.

The Mexico-Puebla highway will close as of April 3: alternate routes

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) informed users of the Mexico-Puebla highway that, as of April 3, road works will be carried out uninterruptedly on the section from Santa Martha to Chalco.

For this reason and with the objective of facilitating vehicular circulation, the agency will place orange road signs and trained personnel at strategic points to inform about access to alternative roads for Mexico-Puebla.

According to the SICT, the alternate routes for long-distance transit that avoid the work zone are the following:

Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza-Federal Highway Mexico-Puebla Libre. Route for light and cargo vehicles, they can enter through Av. I. Zaragoza at the La Concordia Interchange and exit where the Vial Ixtapaluca Interchange is located.

Highway Mexico–Puebla-Circuito Exterior Mexiquense. This route is tolled, and light and heavy vehicles can circulate, entering through the different accesses that the Circuit has to reach the east of the city.

Highway Mexico-Puebla-Avenida Tláhuac-Chalco. This route will allow users of the highway from Puebla and the inhabitants of Chalco, especially light vehicles, to reach the south side of Mexico City entering through the Ixtapaluca Road Distributor and exiting through Av. Tláhuac.

Source: El Financiero