A visit to Pahuatlán del Valle in Puebla is like traveling back in time (VIDEO)


Located at 1,060 meters above sea level, Pahuatlán’s climate goes from semi-warm to temperate and humid and an average temperature of 14º C. There are still forests, shrubs, and flowers.

This region surrounded by valleys and ravines, has managed to keep its ways of life and traditions intact over the centuries.

Pahuatlán is located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, it marks the entrance to Totonacapan, a cultural area of the Totonaca civilization that has the flyers as one of its symbols.

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In Pahuatlán you will find yourself surrounded by pines, avocado, and coffee trees that grow everywhere. This fantastic place represents the fusion between the Nahuatl and Otomí cultures, and that still preserves their traditions.

You will be awakened by the smell of freshly baked hot bread and coffee that is roasted in stone ovens before dawn so that it is ready for the time you wake up.

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