More than 200 thousand college students return to online classes in Puebla


As of this Monday, April 5, more than 200 thousand students from higher education institutions, both public and private, return to online classes, after the holiday period known as Semana Santa, to continue with the Spring 2021 period.

Institutions such as the Autonomous University of Puebla (UAP), the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Puebla, the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Udlap), the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (Upaep) and the Universidad Anáhuac Puebla will continue with their online classes until the authorities of the Ministry of Health and the epidemiological traffic light allow the return to the face-to-face scheme.

After a week of suspension of activities, the university students return to their online activities unlike the basic level students, that is, preschool, elementary, secondary, and high school, who will continue with the holidays for one more week.

At the UAP, more than 100,000 students, 8,000 teachers, and 4,000 administrative workers resume the activities of the Spring 2021 period. In the four-month schedule, classes end on May 7 and a suspension of activities is only contemplated for Wednesday, May 5 to commemorate the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Within the calendar for semester courses, students will continue their classes until Friday, March 21.

On the other hand, at the University of the Americas Puebla (Udlap), before the federal epidemiological traffic light in orange for the entity, the return to face-to-face classes is postponed until April 12; however, if it does not turn green, classes will continue online.

At the end of February of this year, the university located in San Andrés Cholula announced that, if the epidemiological traffic light turned green, the federal and local state authorities authorized it, and if conditions allowed, it would be possible to return to face-to-face classes. in this month of April 2021.

“Since the start of the health emergency in March 2020, the institution has been attentive to the provisions that federal and state authorities have released for safe return to school. On February 22 of this year, the Secretary of Public Education of the state reported that only when the epidemiological traffic light is green will there be face-to-face classes, ”said the private Puebla University.

For its part, Upaep reported that the Law Firm, the High Technology Services Center ( CESAT ), the Comprehensive Health Center, the Dentistry Clinic, and the Veterinary Hospital are resuming their activities.

The private higher education institution announced that part of its laboratories resumes work, for providing essential services or external care other than academic, always respecting current state regulations.

Meanwhile, the Pico Cafeteria of the Central Campus of the Upaep will begin the service of food and beverages from April 12, respecting the capacity limitations and other health security measures established by the authorities.

Before the final stretch of the Spring 2021 Period and the beginning of Summer 2021, Upaep reported that it is ready to activate academic work in a hybrid format, with biosafety protocols and the necessary technological investment; however, this will occur when the health authorities and the epidemiological traffic light allow it.

“The transition to the hybrid phase will occur when conditions allow it and always following the recommendations of the authorities, both Educational and the Health Sector. We ask everyone to be attentive to future communications in this regard, on the official channels of the university, ”reported Upaep.


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