SEP Calendar: Easter Holidays Know the dates!


The month of March, has several days of school rest, according to the Calendar of the Ministry of Public Education.

Mexico.- The Easter holidays, a date expected by students and parents, are practically a month away, the Ministry of Public Education has announced the days that basic education students will have rest.

The month of March, has several days of school rest, according to the Calendar of the Ministry of Public Education, the March bridge is registered from Saturday the 13th to Monday the 15th of the same month, due to the birth of Benito Juárez, which is March 21, but that date is traversed.

The Easter holidays will begin on Monday, March 29, and until Friday, April 9, so students must resume their homework on Tuesday, April 13, since Monday 12 is marked as suspension of classes because of the Board of the School Technical Council.

Remember that this school year has 190 school days, 6 holidays and 11 break dates.