U.S. President Trump, Mexican President Obrador sign joint declaration on USMCA deal


US President Donald Trump signed a joint declaration on the new USMCA agreement with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the Rose Garden of the White House on Wednesday, July, 8, 2020.

Trump described the previous NAFTA trade deal as “one of the worst deals ever,” and said “today we celebrate the victory” of officially terminating it.

Trump added that USMCA deal will bring back jobs to North America and protect workers, unlike NAFTA which “slashed wages and eliminated jobs.”

Trump thanked and congratulated Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the collaboration in reaching the agreement and said he will be speaking with him to congratulate him.

Trudeau didn’t fly to Washington to attend the meeting due to pre-scheduled meetings, according to his office.

Sources: https://globalnews.ca/ / YouTube

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