More than half of those who take a COVID-19 test in Mexico are positive


According to epidemiologist Eric Feigi-Ding, this level of positivity was not experienced by New York or Lombardy in their worst moments of contagion.

The positivity rate of tests being conducted to detect COVID-19 in  Mexico is more than 50 percent, statistics on the pandemic conducted by the University of Oxford revealed.

Locals and customers pass a medical test at a temporary Triage unit, located in the vicinity of the Central de Abastos in Mexico City, Mexico, 16 June 2020. The Central de Abasto in the capital, considered the largest food market in the world and a red zone for possible coronavirus infections, has a module inaugurated this Tuesday to promote the early detection of COVID-19 after suffering a serious outbreak

Our World in Data detailed that our country has 56.7 percent in this area, which means that more than half of all people who are tested are positive for the disease.

Epidemiologist  Eric Feigl-Ding, a public health scientist at Harvard University and a senior member of the Federation of American Scientists, pointed out that this figure “even in the worst periods of New York, Madrid or Lombardy never came close to 50 percent of positivity! ”.

The study emphasizes that a high positive rate is indicative that not enough tests are being done to adequately control an outbreak. The  World Health Organization  ( WHO ) suggested a positivity rate of around 3-12 percent as a general benchmark for adequate testing.

The Ministry of Health announced this Sunday that there are 180 thousand 545 accumulated confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico, of which 24 thousand 225 are active, while there are 21 thousand 825 deaths from the disease.

Coronavirus in Mexico.

In the last  24 hours, they have recorded 5,343 new cases of  COVID-19, plus 44 thousand deaths.

Coronavirus cases in Mexico by state

The Ministry of Health reports that there are eight states that have more than a thousand active coronavirus cases. In addition, all entities report more than 100 patients with symptoms of the disease.

Meanwhile, the agency reports 135 thousand 279 people who have recovered from covid-19, which represents 74.94 percent of the total infected.

While 422,938 covid-19 tests have been carried out in the country, of which 180,545 were positive: a percentage of positivity of 42.68 points.

The city of Puebla is the municipality with the most active cases of coronavirus, while the Iztapalapa city hall is the town with the most accumulated cases of the disease.

Coronavirus Municipalities with more cases

Municipalities with more active cases: 1.- Puebla (Puebla): 1,292 2.- Iztapalapa (Mexico City): 713 3.- León (Guanajuato): 591 4.- Center (Tabasco): 578 5.- Gustavo A. Madero (Mexico City): 551 Municipalities with more accumulated cases: 1.- Iztapalapa (Mexico City): 7,526 2.- Gustavo A. Madero (Mexico City): 5,535 3.- Puebla (Puebla): 4,942 4.- Mwxicali (Baja California): 4,305 5.- Center (Tabasco): 4,062


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