Ixtapa Zihuatanejo waiters protest, ask for temporary employment during crisis


Around 30 Playa Linda waiters marched and demonstrated to ask the authorities of the three levels of government to provide temporary employment and thus be able to subsist while the health contingency for Covid-19 ends.

They indicated that since the closure of beaches they stopped receiving money completely and, according to their possibilities, they have tried to get ahead, because in addition to food there are many monetary commitments that must be covered.

They acknowledged that they have received food support, pantries that have been provided by the municipal government, however, it is necessary that they have cash to pay for other services such as electricity, water, and others.

That is why they asked the authorities that if they cannot deliver money to those directly affected, that they create a temporary employment plan so that they can subsist and support their families.

Source: meganoticias.mx

The Mazatlan Post