Coronavirus in Mexico May 10th latest news, cases and deaths


According to the last report of the Secretary of Health, you are with the numbers of the coronavirus in Mexico this Sunday, May 10, 2020:

– 35 thousand 22 accumulated confirmed cases

– 8 thousand 457 confirmed cases

– 19 thousand 979 suspects accumulated

– 75 thousand 955 accumulated negatives

– 3 thousand 465 deaths

– 130 thousand 956 people studied

Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, read the technical report at the evening press conference number 72, where he indicated the progress of COVID-19 in each state and indicated the most affected entities after 49 days of the implementation of the National Day of Healthy Distance 

The City of Mexico, the State of MexicoTabascoVeracruz, and Baja California are the five entities with more confirmed cases; those that carry less are CampecheZacatecasBaja California SurDurango and Colima.

Millions of Mexicans changed their habits to fight COVID-19

The incidence rate of active cases in the country per 100,000 inhabitants is 6.48. The highest rates are found in Mexico City, Tabasco, and Morelos. The minors in Durango, Oaxaca, and Colima.

It should be noted that according to the official estimates of the SSa and UNAM, this week should have been the week with the highest transmission of SARS-CoV-2, this means that from the following week, the numbers of new cases They must be smaller compared to those registered in the last days.

Regarding the epidemic curve, health officials indicate that everything is going as expected; however, they do not let their guard down or rule out any other scenario in the face of new outbreaks or new factors that determine some type of change in transmission.

Likewise, López-Gatell urged the population to continue with social isolation to avoid the collapse of medical units throughout the national territory.

Likewise, during yesterday’s conference, the public servant indicated the availability of the beds of general hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus and pointed out that of the cities with the most cases, they are not yet outnumbered or with the need to transport patients to other entities to improve the quality of service, since in the national capital there is still availability of 27%, in the entity governed by Alfredo del Mazo it has 46% and 41% for the border state of Baja California.

Regarding the item of mechanical ventilators, in CDMX there is still 41%, 48% in Edomex, and 52% in Sinaloa.

Mexico City continues as the most affected

Distribution of Coronavirus cases by state in Mexico as of May 10

Federal entityAccumulatedDeathsAssets
Mexico City97377962243
Mexico state59883401163
Baja California2428416320
Quintana Roo1081183173
New Lion64133248
Baja California Sur3872240
San Luis Potosi26412137
Oaxaca250Four. Five88
Nayarit2202. 3111
Durango115123. 4

The most populous entity in the country continues to be the most affected in Mexican territory. Due to its high population density, 774 deaths, 9,218 accumulated cases and 2,152 active cases are reported.

Map of Coronavirus in Mexico by states and municipalities

Here you can see the interactive map by states offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here.

Here you can see the interactive map by municipalities offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here .

Central zone, Pacific and Southeast, those of greater alarm

The State of Mexico and Puebla are also the most affected in the central zone. The Mexican entity registers 321 fatal losses, 5,710 accumulated cases, and 1,179 active cases. Puebla has suffered 145 deaths, 1,060 accumulated cases and 268 assets.

The Pacific has been hit hard by the coronavirus. Baja California has 402 deaths, 2,365 accumulated cases, and 322 active cases. In Sinaloa, 207 people have died from COVID-19, 1,393 accumulated cases and 216 active cases are registered.

In the southeast of the country, Tabasco and Quintana Roo also appear among the entities with the highest number of infections and deaths. Tabasco has lost 211 people , with 211 accumulated cases and 388 assets. Quintana Roo has suffered 182 fatal losses, with 1,071 accumulated infections and 195 assets.

Deaths By State


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